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Technical Solution



We provide comprehensive solutions for manufacturing enterprises, research institutes and colleges & universities.


1. Face to manufacturing enterprise_EPC / Turnkey Project


We provide decorative coating equipment and use magnetron sputtering coating / multi-arc ion plating technology, has developed the following high-end popular decorative colors:

1. TiN (imitation gold color)

2. ZrHfN, TiZrN (imitation gold color) 

3. TiC, TiNC (bright gray, gun black)

4. TiNC,TiAlN(rose gold, coffee)

5. TiO, TiAlN(sapphire, rainbow)

6. ZrN(brass, zirconium gold)

7. ZrO(imitation stainless steel color)

8. Ni,Cr, Al, Au, Ag(nickel, chromium, aluminum, gold, silver and other monochrome metal film)


We provide coating equipment for tools and moulds, adopt multi-arc ion coating / magnetron sputtering coating/hot filament CVD deposition technology. TiAl, TiCN, TiCo, and other coatings with high hardness have been obtained on tools such as cutting-tool, tap, drill and other high-precision dies.


2. Face to research institutes and colleges & universities_Integration Experiment Line

We not only provide magnetron sputtering machine, evaporation coating equipment, multi-arc ion plating equipment, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment and so on vacuum coating equipments, but also OLED/PLED/OSC/OFET research system (including evaporation coating system, glove box system, spin coater, lithography machine, testing, etc. whole integration experiment line), nanowire research system(including PECVD-450, thermal panel, spin coater, annealing furnace, metal evaporation equipment, ultrasonic cleaner, etc. whole integration experiment line).


For one of your ideas, a plan, a project, our professional sale, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, process developer, etc. will form a team to come up with the program design, technique design, process feasibility test and so on comprehensive solution, we provide personalized custom coating equipment according to your diversified demands.