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POSITION: Electrical Engineer

Eligibility Criteria:
Educational qualification: Bachelor / Masters in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Years of Experience:  Minimum 2 year of industry experience
Language Skills: At least CET 4 or above, effective communication skills in English and Chinese

Primary Responsibilities:
Product electrical design: including drawing of electrical drawings, selection of electrical components, etc.;
Outsourcing part of the supplier assessment, as well as part of the technology outsourcing and conversion;
Solve technical problems and estimate the cost and time;
Prototype trial, to participate in the field test and deal with electrical failure, proposed product improvement measures;

Determine the final product or system, and prepare the production documents, manuals and other documents;

Monitoring product use to improve future design.

Demanded Skills:
Have EMC knowledge and experience, familiar with ISO9000 system and design and development process;

Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, selection of electrical components;

Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork skills, communication skills, modest and practical.

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